Bill Roberts on ABC 7's "Spotlight on the News" with Chuck Stokes

Watch Bill Roberts as he fights to uplift the discussion of his opponents from "single issues" to issues presenting a life and death challenge to all Americans. The impeachment of President Obama and threat of thermonuclear war is put square on the table. Click here to see the interview

League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

"I decided to run because if I didn't throw my hat in the ring, certain issues, life or death issues facing the nation would simply not be addressed. One of these is the present collapse of the Trans-Atlantic financial system. Two years ago I warned that what the city of Detroit was facing was a manipulation of the financial system which was going to put human lives second and the bailout of financial derivatives first. This is the exact same thing going on in Argentina right now. There are solutions, Im putting those solutions on the table" - Bill Roberts

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